Disturbia (sorry Rihanna)

There are certain times when I think that I am the only crazy person in the world. I don't mean wild-crazy, but rather different crazy.
There are a lot of people who think in a totally different way than my own, who believe that I am radical, a missing species, or even a non-existing being. I just wonder how come I am so different (not even good different, just different)?
Is it possible that out of the 81 million people in Egypt there isn't one person who have the same ideas? Am I that extreme?


marooned84 said…
Rest assured, u're not alone :)

however strange ur ideas are, I'm sure there are people out there who share them with u.

why don't u write about these ideas u think u alone have them?
Cesario said…
Well, I guess it's more behavior-oriented than a group of ideas, although I've noticed that I think in an opposite way to common method, which sometimes creates conflict.
Am I making sense?
marooned84 said…
well, I think it does. Trying to make sense without caring what "common sense" dictates. is that what u meant?
by the bye, u read and listen 2 classical music and Coldplay, and that makes perfect sense :)
how about ur definition of craziness? what's the 1st action that comes 2 ur mind when u think about that word?
Cesario said…
Yeah, that's it :)
since I am more visual person, I see a road and a diagonal line, but no certain action el 7a2ee2a.
Well, keep in mind that I was really frustrated when I wrote the post, so there's room to exaggerate.
marooned84 said…
well, the post doesn't show much frustration. I wouldn't have thought about it if u didn't mention it. but it shows hesitation, I guess.

it's what I can call the alien state of mind. don't u think that's a sound term 2 use?

I like ur vision about craziness, but I don't understand it much. If I was to visualize it, I see a road that's not paved, that's totally empty and full of obstacles.

do u like allegories?
Cesario said…
I like the term.

allegories: Sometimes, they're appropriate.
marooned84 said…
sometimes they are.
they're also very handy when u're lost for words.
Deeeeeee said…
Sina, everyone has their own sense of uniqueness in everything, insanity included... so you're equally distrubed in your own unique way, just like everybody else

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