Zay el Naharda

I have to say that this is the first modern Egyptian movie that I can say is really GOOD, I mean it doesn't talk about upper egypt, but actually life in Cairo, it doesn't have that iffy feeling and it's really fast paced. The actors are famous, but not too famous as to ruin the movie and the direction is really good. I am not a fan of the ending and the movie's concept isn't something that I agree with, but I really enjoyed my time. I mean I really enjoyed my time; I emerged from this movie, a satisfied viewer. All the actors were good, but I think the guy who played Basma's brother exceled; he was totally convincing.

The story itself is subtle yet substantial; it doesn't have a great message, but rather a pensive underlining. It's what you can call a social thriller and that's all I have to say about the subject. GO SEE the movie.

As for today, I really enjoyed it; I spent the whole day by myself and it was truly fulfilling:
  • I enforced one of the decisions I have made over the eid vacation and now I am relieved.
  • I came to the conclusion that I am headed in a right direction, whether it's THE right direction doesn't matter at the moment.
  • My new motto "Enjoy life and Do your best"
  • I did some overdue shopping and I discovered that if you listen to your MP3 while shopping, store assistants will leave you alone. One of them thought I was a foreigner, but I think it's because of the tan.
  • I bought a new novel that is very interesting and more of women literature, but on the fictional side. I've read a big portion of it while sipping a frappe. Heaven!!
  • Starbucks is officially ruined for me, because my sister who convinced me a couple of months ago that I shouldn't buy from it because it supports Israeli colonies, has started to be a fan of the cafe. The point is once I enforce sth and be convinced of it, I can't go against it. So, even though I miss their mocha frappecino (and today I could have totally bought it), I can't buy it, because me and none other than me. I hate me.
  • I overheard a couple of teeange conversation and had good laughs.
  • I overheard a couple of grownup conversation and had good laughs.


marooned84 said…
I read your post and had a good laugh :p

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