Back by unpopular demand

I hate it when people say that they had a nice time when they didn't; I mean if you're having a lousy time, just say so and never mind others. The truth is most people convince themselves that they're having fun during their vacation when they're not and then they come back and complain. Then why didn't you say something earlier? you could have left early or tried something else.
I have to say that sparing others' feelings is just plain stupid, I would rather say everything I want to say, fight and get it over with than becoming a person who speaks about how morbid the whole thing was.
And I have to add that having fun is a mental state, really, if you go on vacation and tell yourself that you're going to be yourself and have fun, you will and vice versa.

All in all, I had fun during the vacation and I am pretty grateful for it, but I have come to a couple of decisions that I think will be very useful in my life (yup, I couldn't help myself, I did think about my future) and I am back on track.


gjoe said…
Well, I had fun too :P :P.
And I did think about my future and came to the conclusion that I have to stop thinking about it..really!! I am forgetting about NOW, when it is all I've got. :D
Cesario said…
Good luck with that :D it's not as easy as it sounds
marooned84 said…
thinking about the future wa the worst thing that happened to me, really! well u have to think of course, but not all the time, which I guess you and me do. It makes u lose now as gjoe said, and it makes u feel like crap!

you know, sometimes ppl are happy but they just don't know how 2 express it. sometimes they're too happy to handle it, so they look kind of shocked, and to others they look mtanna7een keda. I guess happiness, like everything else, needs practice!

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