The full moon

I've been watching the progressive stages of the moon intensely these past weeks; I've indulged in looking at it while walking, driving and even working. I've been following it since it was a tiny crescent into a gibbon and then into a whole moon of brilliance.
There's an idea that something is linked to the moon and its stages, other than the tide, according to many legends in many parts of the world, human behavior is linked to the moon (werewolves, vampires, women who devour men,etc... ). However, I don't believe so.
In fact, the only thing that I like about the moon (other than the reflection of the sun on it), is the fact that the moon always appear to be saying "ohh" as if it's at awe about how humans keep wrecking there lives.

I have gone into a lengthy description of sth that I wasn't intending to write about, anyhow, I have received some news today and it's not the best or the worst, it's just mediocre and I wonder what if a person stays mediocre for the rest of his life in a mediocre world? What becomes of this person?


Vile said…
he dies!
SaRaH said…
he would loose himself in the process
marooned84 said…
I used to do that when I used 2 go 2 the north coast years ago! I had nothing better 2 do back then, so I used 2 read all day and watch the moon in the night :)

as for the man, he'll live, have kids, raise them to be as mediocre as he is, and then die and be wiped out of any living person's memory in less than a year. oh and he'll go 2 heaven of course, hell is no place for a mediocre man.

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