The optimistic days of the week

Sunday: start of the work week, energy pumping, new promises, better attitude. I say that everything is great and I am in control.
Monday: Trying to forget the mistakes I've done on Sunday. Well, never mind. Sunday and monday's mistakes crowd my head so much, that I start to feel chilly. Oh no, it's actually chilly. Winter might be near. YAY!!
Tuesday: One of my colleagues is convinced that Tuesday is unlucky and weird. I have no sentiments towards this day. It's just the middle of the week. Today however was a bit strange and a bit unlucky; we got late, it rained and the car we were in had no wipers while we were on the bridge, the driver was having trouble seeing the road, but we survived. Then we spent the whole day in a germ infested place, that didn't promise much except the harsh truth about life. Yalla, timer we grew up and live to die another day (7eta James Bond, try saying your name like he does, Bond, James Bond. We tried it a lot today during our way back and we discovered that it doesn't work on any other name but james bond).
Wednesdays: New movies at the Cinema. YAY!! Have no time to see them, ma3lesh, no problem.
Thursday: The weekend is going to start. I have a work seminar from 9 am -3pm, and it's all about work ethics. Note to self: pack Panadol. After work, hopefully meeting with friends "fingers crossed".After meeting with friends, drive all way through town to go spend the weekend with my family. Really looking forward to it :D Ya rab bass te7sal.
Friday: Might have a work meeting, don't have a clue yet. It's Halloween. So? I don't understand why some Egyptians celebrate an American holiday, but no problem, 7'ally el 3eyal tefra7.
Saturday: Might have a work meeting, but don't have a clue yet (no, it's not a deja vu). Hopefully, in the afternoon, there's a meeting with a friend I haven't seen for so long.

Bess Enta 2ool YA RAB.

YA RAB !!!!


jessyz said…
I love Tuesdays! My two best friends hate Tuesdays and say they are jinxed.
marooned84 said…
That's the best post u wrote for like a month or so. I really enjoyed reading it. I hope one day my week would be as organized as yours is.
Shimaa Gamal said…
I used to hate Tuesdays too, middle of week was mark that I am running late on my work schdule, Thursdays was hated too, by the time I quit I really hated the whole week :)
Well, now it is better :) I moved to the indifferent status :) kolaha ayam zay ba3d :))
Cesario said…
Jessys: what is it about Tuesday?
Marooned: Please!! This is organized?
Shaimaa: I don't know, I would rather be furious than indifferent, because it would mean that I gave up.

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