If you fail to plan,...

I have nothing to write about, not because there are no events, heck there are plenty of events, but nothing that I find fascinating enough to write about.
I just have this impending feeling of sth that I don't quite grasp and although I have plenty of deadlines, personally and professionally, I find myself bored most of the time even when I am doing interesting things. Then again, lately I always perceive myself as trapped, although nothing in actually hindering me or anything. My mother would say that this isn't proper contentment of what God gave me and you know what, I have to agree. I am being ungrateful. Although, come to think of it, I am always satisfied with whatever comes my way.
To sum up, I am experiencing one of the most puzzling temprements ever.

Things that happened lately:

  • I started to time manage and have a planner and everything; I actually find it useful and look forward to using it even more. So, to more appointments, meetings, vacations, etc... [ ya3ni anything worthy of planning]
  • My sisters officially declared me a slob after an incident that involved a piece of cake.
  • I am planning for my EID vacation, Rabena Yesahel.
  • I stopped drinking coffee, although I will probably schedule a return in November.
  • I saw two actors yesterday; I don't remember their names.


marooned84 said…
I'm kind of familiar with this mood, and it suck! it just takes the beautfy out of everything u do, leaving it kind of soulless. hope u get out of it as soon as possible.
lost within said…
Hello :)
ezayek ? :D

check out this site and get ur blog listed amiga :D

Cesario said…
marooned: yeah, but el 7amel Allah I am done with it.

Lost within: Thanks, I am fine, will check it out.

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