Jump head first please

Every couple of months I do sth that I just can't believe I signed myself for. Today, is one such day. I signed myself up for sth way beyond my abilities and oh my GOD, am I freaking out. To this moment, hours after actively saying I am in, I feel like I am going to throw up.
Yalla, Rabena Yostor. PLEASE God, don't let me make a fool out of myself.

The good thing is I am not stressed about the hectic work assignment anymore, because I have sth else to stress myself about. Why I do these things to myself I don't have a clue.


SaRaH said…
Well sometimes its just our belief in ourselves beats our usual stressed out and doubt concentrate on the job at hand and never mind how you would do.. just do your best and let it be :D
Cesario said…
I will isA and I do hope to do well.Thanks for the support :D

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