I have tried many times during my short life to figure out the signs, I tried to know whether the signs exist, I tried to pray for them, I tried everything, but I can honestly say that I am one person that doesn't get signs. Or maybe I am too stupid to understand them.
I do, however, believe in divine intervention, that God sometimes steps in to tell you something. And I believe that the how differs from one person to another; for some it might be through signs, for others maybe thoughts in their heads, in other times tragic events, or maybe happy events, maybe even in dreams. Every person is communicated to in their own way and that is very apparent.
So, I am not the person who gets signs, so I am no longer going to look for them.


Belya said…
Sometimes you don't need signs, tracks just call you.
I for myself am not a sign person. Throughout my life, I went my way till the end ( did what I was supposed to do ) just to find it a dead end BUT right before giving up, a new road out of no where appears in the horizon.
I don't believe in waiting for signs or interventions. Do what you have to do & things will always turn out for the best ( whether it is your way or some other one ). Just do your part, w seeby el-ba2y 3ala RABENNA.
gjoe said…
I once heard a lecture about a woman who converted to Islam. I so remember how her story was guided with really cosmic signs. She said that "God is very personal with us. He gives us the very signs that we understand." So yes, I totally understand when you say you don't get the signs. Sometimes,just paths paved for us like Belya said are good enough.

I am a sign believer and sometimes when I tell people what signs I get, they think that maybe I am taking them too seriously. I think the total opposite! I think that if I didn't follow the signs, i'll be doomed or something. LOL!
gjoe said…
cheer up keda. mafeesh 7aga testahel.

And i know it is "7aga" mesh "7add", cause i know you better!
Cesario said…
Belya: I guess.
Gjoe: I resent the implication. It's a 7agat keteera 3ala ba3daha and I am not complaining, I just hate it when there's nothing to be done. Makes me crazy.

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