A childhood fantasy granted

Yesterday was an annoying day, but I got one thing that really cheered me up.

After work, I met with my eldest sister and we had lunch together, like to two grown ups having lunch and we talked about everything that's annoying us and life and what we should do. It was surreal and I really liked it and it actually made me grateful for having a nice sister like her.

When I was a child I used to hope for this, meeting after work and acting like the grown ups we are.


jessyz said…
I love doing that too. When I used to work in Cairo and lived on my own, my sister came and spent a week with me because she had work there. I think that was one of the coolest weeks of my life. I love having a sister, I think a brother would have been a bummer.
Ma3t said…
When I was a child I built images of how my life as agrown up would be. Some of the images are like ur meeting with your sister.
That I would be wearing formal clothes , just finished work, call my closest friend and meet with him somewhere to drink Coffee and have a quick chat about our day. and Ofcourse I will be in rush because I still have so much to do back home :)

hehe the idea that being an adult is far more exciting.
Ofcourse Life has shown me how mistaken I was.
Cesario said…
Jessyz:Yes, I think a brother would have complicated a lot of things.

Ma3t:Yes, sadly. Life isn't as interesting as we believe it to be when we are children, but I think some aspects of life are interesting, they're just rare and few in between.

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