The favorites tag (tagged by none other than Gjoe)

Favorite color: BLACK
Favorite perfume (guys): Prada Milan/Gorgeo
Favorite perfume (girls): Anything by Chanel/ Envy me/CH by Carolina Herrera
Favorite pj brand: Erbacher?
Favorite clothes brand in general: H&M/Zara/Sfera
Favorite person in the entire world: I want to say none, but I do like my family.
Favorite country: Egypt (So Cliche, I know)
Favorite car: Land Cruiser, Toyota.
Favorite sport: Swimming/Tennis (although I haven't played for ages).
Favorite sport player: Stefi Graff
Favorite spot in the World: White beach, Santorini.
Favorite animal: Cats and Elephants
Favorite movie: The Godfather trilogy/The Fabulous baker boys/Oscar
Favorite singer: Om Kalthoum/Tracy Chapman/ Louie Armstrong/ Coldplay
Favorite day in the week: Friday and Sunday
Favorite time of the day: Dawn and Dusk.
Favorite holiday season: Anything with a long holiday.

Favorite number: 3

Favorite food: 3ads beta3 Mama
Favorite chocolate: Dark chocolate with almonds
Favorite cartoon:Finding Nemo zay ma gjoe 2alet.
Favorite blogger: Gjoe and Belya
Favorite Flavor Ice Cream: Mint/ Chocolate
Favorite Mobile Brand: Nokia for the lack of info about anything else and the fact that I have never bought a mobile phone for myself.
Favorite name: Zeinab/Yousef/ Hamza/ya3koub/Farida and my Grandmother's name which incidentally is my own (Wink).
Favorite hobby: Writing and thinking.
Favorite room in my house: My own otherwise known as my shrine
Favorite Fruit: Citrus/ Cherries/chilled Watermelon in the summer
Favorite flower:Daisies and Tulips.
Favorite Quran Reciter: Sheikh Abdel Gawad (don't remember his full name)
Favorite Ayah: Yassin
Favorite Website:


gjoe said…
Favorite country: Egypt (So Cliche, I know)!!

Bass good to know.. :D

and THANKS ALOT FOR THE FAVORITE BLOGGER thing.. begad i am honored ya sina
SaRaH said…
Good tag enjoyed your answers
Belya said…
I'm flattered ............ Thanks ya fandem
Cesario said…
Gjoe and belya: You're welcome.

Sarah: Thanks, they are the truth.

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