A hypermarket on a Friday afternoon

My mother woke up in the morning to discover that our home is completely devoid of groceries; no food, no cleaning agents, nothing. I She shared ,in utter distress, with me her dilemma. Since it's a Friday and there is no one to drive her, one of my sisters is completely sick and the other one is studying, I offered to give her a ride and she reluctantly agreed since she's not the greatest fan of my driving. Anyhow, I told her that we should go before the Friday prayers to avoid the crowds, but she wasn't ready then. After the prayers, I had some trouble with my sister's computer and I had to tell my mother to wait for a while.
Anyhow, we were at the premise of the hypermarket at 2 pm.

At first, the crowd was tolerable, but then the place started cramming as flocks upon flocks of people started to enter the market; most of which were stuffed at the vegetables/meat/cheese section. Given the fact that Egyptians are incapable of organizing themselves anywhere, the place resembled downtown traffic, only except cars there were people and carts or like my mother would say "law rameteey el mal7 mesh haywsal lel 2rd" or something of the sort. I tried to devise a strategy, I was on full alert, take whatever you see in front of you and don't think about the things that you miss. We're taking no prisoners or dead bodies, leave anything you can behind. It was like saving private ryan in an urban setting and without the blood,except maybe the blood of the chicken and meat, which was frozen.

You start pushing that kid, shouting at that guy, yelling at another women, helping the lady with her cart to clear the way and then rushing to earn a turn at the cashier queue.

It was hell, but the one benefit is that while you're devising an exit strategy from the vegetables section, you tend to forget everything and focus on getting to the cashier, or otherwise known as the thin red line.


Belya said…
Lesson learned: never go shopping on Fridays.
I formyself discovered the ultimate timing for such shopping 00:00 ( yes I do that sort of shopping for my mom, yemken na7'od da3wa 7elwa walla 7aga)
jessyz said…
I agree with Belya, before my daughter was born my husband and I would do the shopping after midnight because we were young, foolish and totally free. Now I do it on a weekday before noon so I don't get stuck in a crowd.
Deeeeeee said…
Ouch! That is the WORST thing you can ever do.. EVER! And my God! Poor Tant, akeed she suffered trauma (crowds, smells, lack of organization and your driving! not that I mind your driving the least bit, but I know she does).

Ma3lesh! Be careful next time, and alf salama 3ala your sister! :)

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