The legacy

This conversation topic has been repeated a lot in my life recently and to tell you the truth I have been thinking about it an awful lot lately. Yet before I go into that, there is another topic of great similarity and of graver nature.
I recently had a conversation with a colleague about kids, which led to the whole concept of why giving birth to kids and then whether we have the option of not reproducing. My colleague is convinced that if you get married, you have the option of sorting out your family [get how many kids when], but you don't have the option of withholding from reproducing all together. I, on the other hand, am convinced that we do have the option and that you can get married, but not have kids and do everything in your means to prevent it. Don't get me wrong, I might not like kids, but other people do and I understand their need for reproducing. However, we are far beyond the point where we need to populate the earth and some of us should withhold from giving birth. I mean we might be doing much more harm than good.
Another colleague joined the conversation, and to tell the truth it got more personal than I would have liked; they both started telling me that my son/daughter could be the one responsible for changing the world, the way people live, etc... I came back with a simple answer "or he/she might be nothing at all just like the rest of us"
They went on saying that each person is special and unique, that God doesn't create anything without a reason. I understand that, I really do, but the reality of the situation is YES, we matter to people, YES we are unique in our own little world, but when you put yourself in perspective of 6 billion people, You will find that you're just a dot in the curve and that is natural, normal and mundane. I now realize that people think more positively than normal logic; we don't really consider the opposite side of the coin and we even avoid thinking about it. We ravel in the beautiful, enchanting possibilities and leave out the ones we don't like; the ones we fear.

What makes us interesting is that we're different and that's why life goes on, the wonderfulness of life lies in its diversity. The magnificence of existence is discovering new ideas, sensations and realizations.

Anyhow, When I think about a situation, especially something as grave as kids, I could easily see every variable, the nice ones and the worse ones and then the worst ones. In kids, the problematic variables just scream out. First of all, you might give birth to an unhealthy kid, making them suffer for the rest of their lives. If that doesn't happen, there's always the possibility of illness after birth, then you have the raising up, the not getting them in trouble, making sure they have the right ideals, friends, education, hobbies, balance. Then, there's the possibility of them dying before you and no parent should witness the death of his/her children. These problems are just those I remember right now.

And then there's the possibility of nothing of that to happen. (compare paragraphs)

Moving on to legacy, what should we leave behind? Money?Kids?Public service?Memories?
and do we have to leave anything? Should we be remembered? I mean everybody remembers Hitler and Stalin and they're not very good memories that are just handed down from generation to generation in continuous monotony. And then you have, Salah El din (apparently, according to my colleagues, my son will be the modern day Salah El Din, Go figure!!!), Martin Luther King and Helen Keller. Then you have your controversial legacies; Rasputin, Nostradamus, Da Vinci, etc... Then you have your societal ugliness; PortoSokhna, the Red Sea pollution (yesterday, there was a petrolium leak from one of the boats), Social degredation of our community, the disappearence of oriental character, the descent of our educational systems, the threat of the obliteration of local production especially with the world trade agreement coming into effect in 2010 (Cars are expected to become a whole lot cheaper and so many more of the imported products), the rise of the shallow generations and the fall of women's rights, not because we don't have rights, but women just don't want to use them (That's why Hoda El Sharawy faught for those rights so that future generations of women don't use them, but rather flaunt the fact that they have the cereberal ability of a lizard to get a wealthy suitor; Why don't we just go back to the period where men hit women on the head with a club and drag them to their caves? At least we won't hear this mundane generation of misfits talk).

And then you have the rest of us.
I am living day after day with nothing to do and leaving nothing behind, I am not helping and I might be making things worse.

Yes, by all means, go and multiply with no concrete reason, just because we exist. Yes, multiply, because the planet isn't getting crowder. No,no, natural resources are just fine, there's plenty for everyone. Go, make babies, because that's just what we need.

If I am offensive to anyone, I appologize, I am just venting.


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