The decision

I have decided to purchase a playstation; seeing that my life is utterly vacant and that I am in need of a distraction to pull me away from the dreaded state of Fish Tank depression. So, I am asking for recommendations, which version should I buy? Which games are really good (I am not into anything freaky, just a simple old fashioned killing spree, think Wolf).
Oohh, I getting excited already :D


marooned84 said…
a playstation? u gotta be kidding! well, if u have to play games, I suggest a strategy game on PC. something like WarCraft. It gives one the feeling he's contoling his life somehow. Don't forget to set the difficulty to easy :)
jessyz said…
I want a Wii!
Cesario said…
Marooned:I am quite serious actually. I've played warcraft before, ya3ni not bad, but didn't really hook me up on it.
Jessyz:playstation first, WII second step
Umslopagas said…
A PS3 would be good, God of War I and II are a good place to start.
Brownie said…
Wii a7la mn el playstation :) .. what is a nice way to handle a depression :) hope it would not last any longer
egr00t said…
Get a DECENT Graphics Card !
With the money you 'd spend getting a Play Station or a Wii, you can actually build an awesome Gaming PC and the graphics would blow up your mind.

Plus if you are really into FPS (First Person Shooter), nothing would match the W-A-S-D + Mouse action you get on the PC !
Askandarani said…
:-)) was having the same thought a couple of weeks ago. but it involves buying a tv set along fa postponed it shiwaya.

dont go fot the pc thing, nothing compares to a PS, especially the ps2 is reasonably priced now
Cesario said…
Umslopagas: I got God of war, but haven't played it yet. It seems interesting.
Brownie: It will definitely be my next gaming purchase, maybe in a year keda, tekoon re7'set shewaya.
egr00t: Unfortunately, I don't have a workstation where I currently live, so playstation it had to be.I found a game called secret service which is very similar to wolf, but a lot harder. However, I can say that PC controls are a lot easier.
Askandrani: Yes, I bought a PS2, couldn't get myself to pay all this money 3ala PS3.

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