The end

In movies, everything sorts itself out in the end; whether the student passes his/her test with flying colors, the guy gets the girl, the lady lands the wonderful job and the hefty salary, the loser guy becomes a corporate mogul and the child's dream comes true. Why? because the writer has 90 minutes to work with and the audience is getting restless and they want to avoid their unhappy existence; they want for 90 minutes to be reassured that everything in their messy lives will in fact sort themselves out; that "this too shall pass" is a positive statement.
In fact, everything passes, it's only natural, we pass too, it's absolutely normal, but whether we pass while leaving a significant trail or we swiftly slip into the other world is up to us.I hate reassurance, I hate people trying to make others feel better, I hate it when people try to sort things out when they don't even know a single thing about those things.

You know what, life isn't fair, things are not alright, everything will not sort itself out and more often than not, you will find yourself in a ditch, a deep ditch and nobody will be able to get you out of it. Why can't we face this fact? Why do we have to go on and on about how life is great, how our monotonous routine is normal? and how things have a certain way of unfolding?

I refuse to think that this is how God intended us to live; trapped in our own fear and you know what gets me the most; is when others trap you in their own fear; fear that you don't even acknowledge let alone share. It's only those of us who are willing to take the plunge who are worthy of saying that they lived to the fullest, and the rest of us? Well, we were afraid of losing too much that we didn't even attempt the game. You have to lose, and others have to win and then you lose a bit more, but if all those losses means that you get it, that you understand the meaning of it all, that you pushed the envelope, thought outside of your cubicle, embraced the rough life we were meant to have, then it's OK, then it was you who won.

I guess the best thing in life is to know right before you pass, that you have tried everything you were ought to try, that you weren't afraid, that you took it all in; the positive and the negative. It's not about wasting your life, it's just about knowing when to let go and when to stay still.

I think life is like catching a wave, you just have to know when to swim over and when to go underneath and hold your breath, but it makes no sense to just watch from the beach. I don't want to watch anymore, I want to jump in the ocean, I just don't know how.


Shimaa Gamal said…
This is the best thing I read in a while :)
gjoe said…
Sina, this the most well-written, well-thought off post I have ever read!
Begad amazing.. I.. I .. I teared up!
SaRaH said…
So true I really think that movies works on make believe sort of deceive me and I will be deceived. I am glad you have a silver lining view over it :)
[-daisy-] said…
I totally agree with gjoe ..I love it ya sina it inspired me awy

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