Strangely diconnected

Me: Can you believe that they didn't want to give Reem El benna a visa to come sing?
My sis: Ohh, does she sing political songs?
Me: No...mmm, yeah, she sings about those kids who die.
My sis (with a funny expression on her face, expressing disbelief for my indifference): the kids who die?
Me (realizing what I have said): Total lack of emotion.

(In a car with some colleagues, going to an assignment, the radio is on and James blunt is singing and 2 of my colleagues are singing along with him)
Me: 7'alas ya gam3a, 7a2oko 3alaya.
(they're still singing)
Me (in total honesty): 3ala fekra, you have awful voices.
Colleague no.1: OUCH
Colleague no.2 (apparently surprised): Actually, some people told me I should sing.
Me (amazed at their reaction): No offense intended.

(waiting for a meeting)
Colleague: I think that Cesario will be a scary manager.
Me: Really? dana 3'albana.
Another Colleague: K. said that they will call us when they set the appointment.
Me: Are you sure? you know S.'s office is just downstairs, we can pass by him.
The same colleague: No, K. said he will call us.
Me: You know K. also said he will send the document and he didn't until I bombarded him with emails. He forgets.
The colleague: No, No. He'll call.
Me: Why wait? Never leave things hanging. Come on, let's go.
The colleague: Oh, Ok.
(Standing with some colleagues, talking to a senior manager)
A senior manager: So, how have you been doing with the guys?
Me: Oh, great.
She: Ana 3ayzaky te2at3eehom.
Me (with a broad smile on my face): Inshallah.
(My colleagues look at me in disbelief)


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