I am back

Any woman would be lying if she said that there's anything as rejuvenating as a haircut. Yes, I cut my hair and God it feels good. I love it!!!

I can't really explain it, but whenever I cut my hair, I get so empowered that anything seems simple. In addition, I proved sth that I've been dying to prove for so long and now it's done.

I am so giddy :D


jessyz said…
I love the sound of the scissors going snip snip snip. Mabrook or Na3eeman :-)
Shimaa Gamal said…
Na3eeman :)))

Now you won't be that girl with the bony tail :) will you?
Deeeeeee said…
Rumor has it, the new hair cut is just faaaab!
Cesario said…
Jessyz: It's a glorious sound :D

Shaimaa: no my hair is too short,Thank God.
Thanks :D

Dee: Well, darling it's absolutely magnificent. HEHE

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