Something stupid

I want to write about something interesting, but I have no idea what it should be. I am on my way to psyching up, which I am faking, in order to get things going.Yet, it's turning out to be quite the task.

Strangely enough I have nothing to talk or write or think about, which is very weird. I have never had a blank mind, I have always pondered something or another, does this mean I am becoming a stupid person? I sure hope not.

let me just state things that changed and didn't change in me:
  • I have become much more capable of talking to people and people seem to think I am friendly.
  • I find marketing fascinating.
  • I believe that gender differences are much more subtle than people claim it to be.
  • I am still a very confused person.
  • I have become a die hard fan of any hiking activity, no matter what happens to my poor legs.
  • I still have an awful temper, but I am much more careful in letting it loose.
  • I have fears about not being creative.
  • I don't like dogs very much, but I don't mind them (depends on the dog).
  • I don't think I can ever live without a cat, although they're high maintenance a bit.
  • I am a complete and utter slob, I actually like chaos sometimes.
  • I have lost touch with my already diminishing feminine side (if it ever existed).
  • My naivety is disappearing gradually, which is a good thing.


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