My bucket list

  • Scuba dive in the great barrier reef.
  • Climb a seriously challenging mountain.
  • Attend the Christmas ball drop in New York.
  • See the changing sky lights in Alaska.
  • Bungee jump somewhere extreme (3ashan gjoe matez3alsh)
  • Visit the white beach in Santorini at least one more time.
  • Build a snowman.
  • Go to Disney world.
  • Drive a speedy car in a German street (no bumps AND a free lane).
  • Attend a cold play concert in England.
  • Attend a Botticelli concert in Italy.
  • Go to Costa Rica.
  • Attend a festival in Brazil.
And now the serious stuff
  • Become truly independent.
  • Write a novel, but I don't have to publish it.
  • Get a nice home for myself which one my future nieces (inclination towards them) or nephews will inherit.
  • Narrate something in the radio or a documentary or work in cartoon voice-overs.
  • Buy a Chanel necklace.
  • Own a green-eyed black cat (preferably a chubby one).
  • Get a master's degree.
  • Determine my passion in life.
  • Write the perfect letter.
  • Get a phonograph, one of the old ones.
  • Have impenetrable faith.
  • Attend a conference for Queen Rania.
I guess that's enough, if I remember anything, I will certainly add it.


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