What would Freud say? (2)

So, I had another strange dream.

I was going to be presented an award for being a good writer, and this award was to be presented in my old school, as in the same school in which I spent my tortured childhood. The award was to be presented in the chapel, which was also used for parties and such.

So, we go into the chapel, and it is the same exact way as I remember it. It was the one thing that I liked about school. I always like old theaters. Anyways, we go in and I am ready to get this award, but the lady in charge tells me we have to wait for the dean. So, we wait in one of the side rooms, which isn't really a room, but more of a hollow space near the stage, where you can actually see the seats. Oh, and my sister is with me.

Meanwhile, the seats get filled with people, and I see someone I know in the front row, but it turns out it is not the person I know, but someone who looks exactly like him. So, I am like, what are the odds?
I am still waiting in the hollow space, when this bird, huge bird, comes in and starts attacking me. Then I find out that there is a hole in my trousers, near my knee or something, and the bird is trying to get its beak into the hole to rip my trousers. The good thing is that I flee and hide.

Then there is this other snippet of a dream in which Hermione from Harry Potter is going to get married to another character from another book (I don't remember which book), and the radio announcer, who I can clearly see, is amazed that Hermione is getting married to that guy.

The End

I woke up really dizzy :\


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