Cat fight

Something has been on my mind for a while and I have been struggling with myself whether to write about it or not.

However, the thought won't go away and between over theorizing for my thesis and under achieving in life, it is inescapable.

We don't know why we were created. Even the most religious are baffled by the question and they attribute it to one of those things you don't need to know, or they give you the simple answer "to procreate and rebuild".

I find the latter to be a simplification of the human mind, let alone existence. To diminish our output to two very mundane things done by almost all other creations seems like such a great waste of brain cells. If that is our real purpose, then why were we given brains to begin with? It would have been much easier to just program it into us like animals and make the rebuild function to be more elaborate.

Yet, we were given brains that create and imagine. Why? No one knows, and I find this to be cruel. Not knowing why you were created is pure suffering especially when you are given a brain to ponder such a topic. It is like a dog perpetually chasing its short tail. It will never get it and yet it will always try.

So, we go through life with this anguish, which we try to dissipate through achieving stuff and also through fighting; All the aggressive and frustrating ideas have to go out somehow.

Then I think about two cats fighting, and I have always found it to be disturbing. I have always tried to separate two cats fighting as best I could.

So, the question is why isn't anyone separating us from fighting? Why has God forsaken us? I mean we are God's creations, so I am assuming there is some affinity towards us. How come God doesn't interfere?

Everyday I walk through the streets of Cairo, I hear people saying God will choose the best for us. They really mean it or believe it, but lately it just feels like God has let us go.

I hope this post does not become the reason I go to hell, but it is just a thought and thoughts should be expressed.


LifeIsShort said…
Love it! Good job, Dory :)
LifeIsShort said…
Love it! Good job, Dory :)
We don't know where we came from, but God gives people hope.

It reminds me of this video I recently came across-- it's a cute little song about how Jesus and his followers actually Occupy Jerusalem.

Anyways, here it is:

Which, it has a point.

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