On aquariums, romantic people and those who love life

I do not like aquariums. They feel sad for some reason, and very constricting. I do not know whether the fish there understands that it is not living in the ocean or sea (and I am too lazy to google it now), but I always feel that the fish has a sad look on its face. It also feels very dirty, even though if it is really clean. I guess I am projecting or something, but I never feel happy in aquarium.
My thoughts on zoos are undecided since I have not been to a zoo since I was seven, and I do not even remember that trip. So, as soon as I have been to a zoo, I shall write about it. I am looking forward to seeing a Giraffe though.

Romantic people. I do not understand them. I would like to, but I don't. I come from a culture(and by culture I mean family) whose idea of romance is to go on a family vacation. This tells you that we are not from those people who acknowledge "romance". It does not exist, and frankly, I do not feel like I am missing much. It seems sappy, unproductive, deceptive and unrealistic. I have to acknowledge my limitations on admiring romantic people, especially from the male section of the species. I am turned off, and majorly so, by romantic men. I blame my stupid culture(and this time I mean Eastern, male-dominated culture), for making me think that a good man is a macho man. I have to say that this is not true. There are, well, a few good men in general, but from those, you shall find that macho men are not the majority. I am not saying that wimpy men are good, they are not, but there are those who create a display of being macho, when in fact they are wimpy, and there are those who appear wimpy when in fact they are good people. So, do not be fooled by our stupid culture, think for yourself.

That ends my portion on romantic people.

People who love life. This time, I do want to understand you. In fact, I think loving life to an extant is a good thing. I do not know how to do that. I would like to actually like it, not even love it.So, if you have information on how to love life(or just like it), please do point me to the right direction.


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