As I was viewing my Tumblr and checking out design-related posts, under each post there is usually a sentence or two detailing the life of the designer. For instance: nameOfperson, designer,somethingrealted to design - website link. The sentences are usually really put together and polished. The individual has successfully boiled down her/his life to a line and it still appears very posh. In fact, that line might just be more interesting than the person themselves.

And I realized how I could never be able to define myself in one sentence or two. In fact, I have a hard time defining myself, period. So, if I could cram my existence in a line or two, I can assure you it will not be at all posh, polished or presentable (note the incessant use of Ps- 10 points for Gryffindor/ Slytherin/ Hufflepuff/ Ravenclaw *I am undecided on which house I should belong to*).

And then it HIT ME.

What if all those people who have crammed their existence in two sentences are just pretending to be posh, polished and presentable? Am I to be shunned from society because I am honest about my troubles? 

Well, the answer to the two questions are yes and yes.

Society craves posh, polished and presentable, and the fact is if you are not put together, you shall be shunned. However, shunning is not all that bad. Yet, I digress. 

The revelation here is not that I shall be shunned, but that all those people who pretend to be put together are LIARS. Well, maybe not all of them, but certainly a huge chunk of them. People like to pretend that they have a handle on things and that they are happy. I also like to point out that unhappy people, who are bitter usually like to suck you in their unhappy,bitter world, which clearly points out to the well known idiom "misery loves company".

In conclusion, people are liars and they suck.


I swear there was an idea in there somewhere.


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