Things to do at weddings

1- Play Angry Birds
2- Order coffee
3- Take photos of glasses and post it on instagram
4- Glare at people looking at you
5- Play Angry Birds
6- Try to understand the wisdom behind the centerpieces
7- Try to figure out what the lyrics of the zafaa song means
8- Take shots of the zafaa and post it on Instagram
9- Complain about your high heels
10- Rub the fact that you are wearing sensible kitten heels in others wearing the highest heels ever . Niahahaha.(see it goes either way)
11- Watch the creative dancing of the Egyptians
12- Pray that the groom doesn't spill juice over the bride(this tradition should be banned)
13- Check your email and be disappointed that you don't have any incoming emails
14- Overdose on nuts and get really thirsty
15- Wonder how the cake can withstand all that lighting
16- Congratulate the bride and groom (that is a must)
17- Enjoy the music (if possible, so far I have been to two consecutive weddings that had awesome music)

I can't think of anything else. Generally, try to enjoy yourself :) I don't like weddings, but if you really put yourself in a nice mood, you will find the experience tolerable if not nice. Also, only go to weddings of people you like.


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