A statement of meaninglessness

Power struggle extends to all sort of daily activities and human networks. Bring anything to its origin when it comes to human beings and you shall always find that, at the root of things, it boils down to power struggle. As human beings, we are unable to live harmoniously. Whatever mental disease that compelled Adam and Eve or Eve and Adam (pick your preferred gender power struggle based on your gender bias) to bit that God forsaken apple, was successfully transferred to us. The self-destructive notions we carry are and will always be within us, and it seems not so many people can overcome it. Countries, states, cities, even support groups are built on the notion of one person or a small group lead and the rest of humanity follows.

The difference between animals and us is that animals do want to survive efficiently, and they do not destroy unless threatened, or in need of food. Yes, Orcas do play with their meals first, but then they eat it. We only play, destruct and leave it for the universe to take care of it. We do not repair despite the bio-degradable bags, the energy-efficient cars and the recycling efforts. If being destructive is in our genes, how are we expected to surpass it? Angels beseeched God about creating human beings, unable to understand why God would create someone who pillages the earth while they are in complete submission to God. I would love to get the answer to that question, but unfortunately we do not know why we have been created. Philosophers, theologists and writers tried to figure it out and they all died not knowing the answer. We are born to be restless; the Quran said so, so how can we ever be at peace?

That’s it. We can’t and whoever tells you they are at peace, perfect peace, then go ahead and shout at the top of your lungs “LIAR”, because they are. Even religious figures had doubt, Ibrahim, Moses, Jesus and many prophets wondered if God had forsaken them, even asked for signs and we, un-chosen ones, scorned to earth, ignored, tortured and so much more. We, are expected to be at peace? Does that seem possible or even fair? No, it doesn’t, and it isn’t. Religious institutions are the epitome of power struggles, and the best thing is that they are also the perfect liars. They seem at peace, but they are not, all while tricking humanity into thinking that they are the best leaders, that THEY can point us to the right direction. Ha! If I weren’t so disgusted, I would laugh. Yet, I am disgusted at so many things and so many people. Do not get me wrong, I am not a judge or jury or even someone who can make any sort of statement. I am another imperfect, restless human being. The only thing I have is that I might just be more restless than your average human. That is all. I also do not understand living all that much. It seems that living entails a lot of lying. To be the perfect living human, you have to deceive others into believing that you are what they need, and that they cannot live without you. People want to be needed, and other not so power-hungry humans want to need people. It is how we suck on each other. Add physical needs, and you got the perfect formula for blood-suckers, minus all the biting and the blood. We are very metaphorical, you know. Our literal actions are so few and far in between that it might just be old-fashioned. It is no longer the age of actions, but words: filthy, empty yet very alluring words.  Money also plays a big part. In order for people to need you, they have to be poor and you have to be rich. You become both carrot and torturer, and we (regular folk) are the mule. Some will actually believe that they can attain the carrot and so will strive for it. A few will reach it, when you choose of course, because otherwise people will stop trying to get the carrot and they will rebel. However, most perish without ever even sniffing the carrot.

Yet, stop for a while, and ask that question: WHY?

We live in concrete boxes until we are actually transferred into other boxes and then buried underground. We barely see the earth, which was, in one way or another, given to us. We kill animals and human beings alike, and destroy the universe. What are we getting exactly? Why do we procreate when we have so many people living on earth already? What kind of logic is that?

“We are so many that there won’t be enough resources, so let’s bring more people into the world”


We lack logic so much that we have become empty of any kind of meaning. Our life is meaningless. Do not kid yourself. Face whatever doubt that lurks within you and see the insignificance of life. You do not believe me? Read.  From Greeks to Renaissance writer to Modernists . They have all acknowledged the futility of life when based on logic. If you are going to offer some emotional response, save it…it means nothing.
Yes, logic is subjective. Yes, emotions are what make us human, but do acknowledge that humanity-right now- sucks. I would go so far as to say that we have successfully obliterated the positive connotations that come with the word humanity.

So, next time you find yourself thinking about how meaningful your life is. Think again.

If this offends you, go ahead and block me.


Anonymous said…
Have you thought about writing a second book?
Sina said…
I don't have anything to write about, and I have serious doubts concerning my writing abilities, but thanks for asking :)
Nadin said…
thank You, you captured my flying thoughts.

and i keep wondering, did they need to be captured ?

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