How much pride do you need?
Do you always use your pride?
Can something cause a major increase/ decrease in the concentration of your ego towards a situation or a person?
Do you always feel guilty after using your pride in a situation?
How susceptible are you towards people manipulating your pride?
Whom do you trust with your pride?
How far is too far?

On another very different note, I slept yesterday for the first time in Ramadan with no apparent problems; I didn't need pills or chamomile tea or anything, just pure sleep. This coincides with a stupid incident at work, which makes me wonder how on earth did I manage to sleep? I barely sleep when there's nothing to worry about at work, and now that there is, I am capable of sleeping like a baby. Is it the finality with which I handled the situation cause comfort thus leading to sleep or am I using sleep just to escape a sticky situation(and thinking of it ).

There are so many things coming up on me, and I have no clue how to handle them. Mostly, it's my fault I have so many things coming up, since I chose the them, I just didn't know that everything would actually congregate and become one big giant ball rolling down the hill. Yalla, Rabena El Mo3een.


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