A hypocrite am I

Yes, sometimes I feel like a hypocrite, because many times I am not being honest with myself and when I am being honest I become even more of a hypocrite because I know that I am going against my principles. I have learnt that there are many shades of grey within this hectic world and many a time do I find myself stuck within one of them with no clue on what to do.
It's not the end of the world and eventually you do find your way again, but existing during this tornado of yes, no and maybe, is draining and unfavorable.

These days I feel like I am changing, but I am yet to determine if this change is for the better or worse. I once heard someone say that whenever we feel like we've changed for the better, it usually means that we changed for the worse. I really hope that's not true and I pray to God, I become a stronger, more confident and assertive woman. In fact I am ademant on fulfilling this vision of a better self, we Rabena yesahel and I hope that God protects me from my own evil self and my own endless stupidity.


Anonymous said…
If you feel it's a sickness that's eating you alive, affecting your life and relationships, putting you in the dark side of things - A.K.A makes you a bad person.

Then this is hypocrisy.

But sometimes, the sole process of coming to terms with one's self and wishes in life, involves a bit of temporary denial, but I'm sure it'd help you to follow through.

For me, 'A hypocrite am I' starting a self-judgment session, usually ends up in my side of becoming a better person for it.


Look, this might sound very weird to you, but this last paragraph was so Deja Vu!

Did I comment here before on a similar post? walla howa el seyam walla eh?

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