Ain't it funny

  • that the difference between 3araby and 3'arby in Arabic is only a dot?
  • that Ta3meiya is made of Foul and yet they taste so different?
  • that the weather topic in Egypt strikes very interesting conversations that can continue for hours on end?(and we always try to predict when the winter will come even though it's always late)
  • that we call Al Qahera misr? and the cairo-ismaileya/Alexandria road, misr-ismaileya/Alexandria road?
  • only 5 minutes exposure to Egypt's sun will provide you with all the vitamin D you need?
  • that flies don't hear and yet whenever we shoo them away we say "hesh or emshy ba2a"?
  • that everyone has a sure-way to cure insomnia that never works, but they'll gladly talk about its effectiveness for hours?
  • that only 2% of the women population in the world have model genes?
  • that you can never own enough socks (where do socks go?)?
  • that we're made of 75% water and yet we can sink in an inch of it?
  • that these continents we live on were once all connected?
  • that we always try to grow up too fast and then when we're old, we say that life went by quickly?
  • that parents always mix-up their children's names?
  • that the real answer to "can you open the window?" is "Yes, I can" and not really opening the window?
  • that Europe is the second smallest continent(10,180,000 km²) and yet in maps it always seems larger than africa (30.2 million km²)?
  • that we never really remember how we survived before a certain technology (i.e.: the cell phone)?
  • that even though there are a millions of ways to communicate, people aren't really communicating and depression rates are on the rise?
  • that according to a recent study that depression is the number one cause for illness in women and number three in men? (we should stop taking things too personally)
  • that life goes on even when we don't?
  • that optimism is very hard to attain, but it usually comes to you when you least expect it ( and feels that much sweeter when it does)?


Anonymous said…
Nice list - resourceful.

About communication, sometimes it's counterproductive for sorrow - we just fail to know when, which is kinda hilarious if you ask me.
Anonymous said…
Check my blog. You've been tagged in a game, I hope you share :)
The phoenix said…
very funny really
Nearly, I've read all your posts :D

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