On my 23rd

I know that it is not a mile stone or a big section of your life when you stop and consider what has happened (usually it's on your 25th), but it feels like one. So, in an effort to display the achievements of the previous year and a forecast of the year ahead, I've decided to write this post.

First, during the past year:
  • I have become a very social person; at first it was obligatory and then it became by choice.
  • I introduced color to my wardrobe (see post about red shoes).
  • I have found out that I am human too, much to my dismay.
  • I have really understood the mistakes I have been doing for the past 22 years and how to remedy them.
  • I have become capable of coping with change.
  • I tasted kosa bel bashamel for the first time in my life and liked it.
  • I have realized that I am a person who depends on their job for emotional stability (yes, I am that pathetic)
  • I have become 100% certain that whatever sticky situation I get into, it's of my own mischievous doing.
  • And recently, I have realized that letting go of your inner resistance is the best way to guarantee peace of my mind. In addition, Gjoe kind of explained to me the purpose of life in a very easy and perceptive way; and I realized that it might just be el sahl el momtane3.
  • And even though I deny it, every second I spend on this earth, it becomes more certain to me that the lifestyle that my parents chose for me is definitely the best fit, but this doesn't mean that I won't challenge it; there's always room for improvement.
A forecast for the 23rd year of my blessed life
  • Will it be less confusing? I don't think so, why? Well, the way that my 23rd year began promises a lot more confusion. It was a sweet beginning, but confusing nonetheless.
  • I plan to improve some things about myself , so that I can become truly proud of my own self.
  • Professionally, I can't really forecast anything, because I don't know what I will be doing tomorrow let alone a forecast for the whole year. All I can really say is that I am taking as it comes and that I have decided that if they don't care, neither will I (well, at least I will fake it), but I do plan to give it my honest to God best shot.
  • I definitely want to have more adventures in this coming year and also learn to type "definitely" without resorting to the spell check.
  • I want to read more (enough said).
I really hope that this year holds within it all that I can achieve and be happy about achieving it. Happy birthday to me (just like Garfield) :D


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday :)

And if I'm a guy, and I say that I too consider my job a good emotional tranquilizer, what would that make me?

Your job is what you do when you don't know what to do.

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