On compliments

I've always found people who send admiration letters to their favorite magazine to be strange, because no matter how good a magazine is I have never had the urge to declare it or express my gratitude. The only time I have wanted to write a fan letter to someone was my favorite author Alexander Mccall Smith; i have had several versions of it in my head, yet I have never really wrote it. I think I could have written something that goes like this:

Dear Mr. Smith,

Up until I read your exquisite novels, I have thought that I was alone in this world, but your rich yet unexaggerated characters have proved me wrong. I especially adore the series "The Sunday philosophy club" and I could relate to Isabel Dalhousie more than any other fictitious or even real character, I know it's strange for a girl in her twenties to relate to a lady at the prime of her life, but she does remind me of myself in so many ways. I was pleasantly surprised at the way you've made her fall in love with Jamie, because you have made so imperfect and yet right in so many ways. You have made her love for him a welcomed addition to her life, rather than the center of her being; and if love does exist, then this is how it should be, a pleasant addition rather than a dominating existence. I also noted the effortless development of Isabel; one might think that such development for a woman her age was impossible, but you've made it clear that it should be the norm. What inspires me the most about this series, is the fact that through these colorful characters, you are capable of discussing immense philosophical subjects in a smooth and none-disruptive manner; such subjects as social morality manages to work out my brain and wonder about how life should be rather than what it is right now.

Let me add that your novels were capable of creating a magical image of Scotland within my head that I have become obsessed with the idea of visiting such a mysterious yet intimate country. Edinburgh seems like an enticing city, with old charm, modern elegance and warm closeness.

I look forward to more of your exhilarating novels and I hope that one day I get to meet you in person.

One of your faithful readers,


Yasmeen said…
Why dont u send him this letter ? email it to him ... ofcourse he has many admirers worldwide ... yet addressing these words to him is better than keep it within ur blog ...
Good morning :)

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