Ibhog tag

I don't think I say it enough "El Hamed leAllah", I just forget sometimes, but that's no excuse, and following ibhog's request, here goes.

I am thankful for:
1- My sisters; they always explain the big bad world to me better than I have ever claimed to understand it. Whenever they start lecturing me about all the things in my life, I feel like a child all over again with pig tales and all. I am really grateful for them because I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't for them. I don't know how many times they saved me from other people and even more importantly from my self. The word: lucky
2- My parents; even though sometimes we don't meet eye to eye, they always push me to be a better person, even when they don't know it. They're very understanding and I am really thankful for all they've done for me and I wish that some day I'd make them proud. Ya Rab yetawel fee 3omrohom we yes3edhom. The word: sheltered.
3- The elements of my birth; believe it or not I am really thankful for being born in this country even though it has so many problems and I am thankful I was born a muslim. When I think of the twisted possibilities out there, I realize how blessed I have been. The word: fulfilled.
4- My inability to fit anywhere; even though it's a nuisance most of the time, I am thankful for this because it always makes me look for the next best thing and to never settle. I hate the way it makes me feel most of the time, but I am grateful because it has been the reason I have experienced so many things. The word: Special.
5- My naivety/innocence; up until it becomes sour, I love it. My naivety makes me who I am and it hurts me sometimes, but up until it does, it creates some very nice events in my life. And no matter what happens to me or what horrid knowledge I attain, I never lose it (believe me, I have tried). I can easily claim that it's the reason behind any optimism I have felt in my life. The word: Purified.
6- Conversations with God; I do all the talking, because He usually answers with actions, which is much better to tell you the truth. I talk to him a lot and in more than one language, most of the time I am begging and the thing is I really feel like he listens. I am always better after one of our talks and it makes me feel less alone in a very messy and lonely world. The word: Accompanied.

"El Hamd leAllah"

Thanks Ibhog for a really nice tag.


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