One bright light

When we're born, we come from the darkness of our mothers' wombs to the light of life (unless you're born at night in the woods), the first thing we do is cry. If people don't hear a newborn cry then there's sth wrong. I wonder why we're not born laughing or in silence.
Does it symbolize the hardship of life or the fickle state of our being?OR is it just human to be completely upset before understanding why?

Just a thought!!


Shimaa Gamal said…
I guess we cry because humans hate change. We cry because leaving the safety of the certain womb to the uncertain world sure hurt. I guess it is the only moment when we really regret accepting the fate of being humans :)
A really interesting thought

gjoe said…
I have to agree with Shaimaa and you, We cry because we hate change even if its to the better. The change of state that is. We also cry before knowing what is the new situation.
SO yeah, we are pretty much cowards and full of prejudice.. :)

How symbolic!
Cesario said…
I still don't understand humans(myself included), we hate change yet we seek it?
Humans, huh?

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