Music of Turkey

Note: I had to compress all the videos, that's why they're hazy.

Apparently, they are a very musical nation, everywhere you go you shall find some sort of music being played on the CD player or live. Here are some videos from people we saw playing live in different places.

This band was in the mall (Cevahir Mall, the biggest one in Europe), where we spent endless hours so my sister could go shopping,Aghh!!
I don't know what the appropriate term is, but they had their guitar case opened on the ground and people would put money in it. I gave them some and my mother told me that they probably earned all their money from stupid tourists like myself. I really thought they were worth it. I apologize if the quality of the video isn't so good, I was still getting used to this camera.

This one was in the park, yeah in the park, completely free for anyone to see (I am actually rhyming). After 10 minutes or so, I was actually singing with them, it's really contagious. I just loved it. I think this type of music is similar to our mawaweel, but in a more upbeat way.

That was in front of the Blue Mosque at night as you can see, but it was really fun. We went there late, so we couldn't find a place to stand in the front, where there were light, so we stood at the back and I got these shots of the Sufi dancers.

This one was in a little cafe near the Grand Bazaar. My parents were exhausted from all the walking and decided to have a cup of tea somewhere. As soon as we sat down, the band started playing and it was very nice. They had nice tea there.
Tea in Turkey is very important and if someone offers you a cup of tea then it's a sign of hospitality and you have to drink it or they'll be insulted (much like Egypt).


Deeeeeee said…
Though the first word that came to my mind when I read the post title was "Late", I'm really glad you wrote it "better late than never". I loved reading it, and the music is very very nice! The lady I'm obsessing over nowadays (Ruba Saqr) is an Sufi Musician (or so someone claimed) and i think you might like her stuff, I'll send them over!
Cesario said…
Yes, I know, but as I explained before I was too bitter to actually write anything.
I am glad you liked it and I will try to download Ruba's songs.
Bongo said…
i read this post and the post before about turkey too ..

i liked them both ,
ur way in narrating the details is so interesting ..

the music is not that much my style but i liked the idea ,

waiting 4 part 3 :)

have you visited any Museums ??

there is a huge number of art Museums there ..

looking forward to hear the rest of the details ..
Cesario said…
Thanks Bongo.

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