The Irrationality of Humans

If you try to make sense of something related to humans, you will probably fail. Humans are the only species on which controlled-environment tests are not conducted, add to this the fact that each human is born with his/her own sets of hideous traits; so you might as well stick your tongue to your nose than expect any sort of rational explanation.
I will take myself as the test subject; whenever I freak out and start shouting all around for no apparent reason, I give some warning beforehand; I tell them to excuse me because I am a bit crazy tonight. Is it sane? I don't know. Yet, it's my way of making sense of something irrational. I try not to succumb to my crazy thoughts, but sometimes I just can't control them, so I give warning. Why don't other people do the same?
I have a couple of explanations that I have stumbled upon recently:
  1. People are ashamed of admitting that they have attitude problems.
  2. People won't say they're feeling crazy for the minute possibility that the fairy godmother is listening and will grant them their wish.
  3. People are just a bunch of freaking butt cracks, who like to make others suffer.


gjoe said…
sina..why do you hate people that much. What is it that makes you so disappointed, angry and detached from them?
And why the stereotype?
I am in a"I hate people" phase myself..bass deep down i know that although they seem stupid, annoying, and judgmental..they have good things too..and like them or will have to live among them(Some call it co-exist). =)
Cesario said…
I know ya gjoe wallahy, but yesterday was a disaster-people wise- and I was venting.Exaggeration took over my hands(or rather fingers) as I was typing.
Do I regret it? No
Do I think it's a lot over the top ? Yes
Did I feel a whole lot better now? yes
Xero said…
well . if u feel a lot better ,then u should hate ppl more often :P .

the point in attitude problems is that a person (normally) can't control his/her reactions out of stress .
giving a warning whistle to ppl saying :hey i'm angry like a wounded bull actually requires a little more control than u think :) .
Cesario said…
I never really thought of it like that. Nice perspective.

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