My mind keeps going back

I don't know why, but I keep remembering this scene from you've got mail.Needless to say, that this movie is one of my ultimate favorites.

FRANK: She fell in love with Generalissimo Franco.
KATHLEEN: Ah! Don't say that. Really. We don't know that for sure.
FRANK: Who else could it have been? It was probably around 1960.
KATHLEEN: Do you want some popcorn?
FRANK: I can’t believe this. I mean, it's not like he was something normal, like a socialist or an anarchist or something…
KATHLEEN: It happened in Spain. People do really stupid things in foreign countries.
FRANK: Absolutely. They buy leather jackets for much more than they’re worth, but they don't fall in love with fascist dictators.
KATHLEEN: Birdie is a very special person to me. She is practically my surrogate mother.
FRANK: Well she's out of her mind.
KATHLEEN: She is not.
FRANK: I could never be with anybody who doesn't take politics as seriously as I do.
PERSON: Do you mind?
FRANK: A hot dog is singing. You need quiet while a hot dog is singing?
KATHLEEN: I have something to tell you, Frank. I didn't vote.
FRANK: What?
KATHLEEN: In the last mayoral election, when Rudy Giuliani was running against Ruth Messinger, I went to get a manicure and forgot to vote.
FRANK: Since when do you get manicures?
KATHLEEN: Oh, I suppose you could never be with a woman who got manicures.
FRANK: Never mind. It's okay. I forgive you.
KATHLEEN: You forgive me? … Excuse me, sorry, sorry, excuse me.
FRANK: Look, this has been a big week; you're closing the store…
KATHLEEN: No, it's not that, Frank, really, it's not. It, it's just that I, I...
FRANK: I, I know, I know, I know, I know, that, that was terrible of me.
KATHLEEN: What? What was terrible?
FRANK: Jumping all over you when I'm the one…God, I don't even know how to say this…
KATHLEEN: What is it? What?
FRANK: (In restaurant) You're a wonderful person, Kathleen.
KATHLEEN: So are you.
FRANK: And I'm so honored that you would want to be with me, because y- you would never be with anyone who wasn't truly worthy…
KATHLEEN: I feel exactly the same way about you.
FRANK: Oh, God, no, no, don't, don’t, don’t, don’t say that;…
FRANK: …that, that makes it…worse.
KATHLEEN: What? … You don't love me? … (laughs) Me either!
FRANK: You, you don't love me
FRANK: But we're so right for each other.
KATHLEEN: I know! I know. (laughs) … Uh! Well, is there some, is there someone else, or? Oh! That woman on television, Sidney-Ann!
FRANK: Ah, I mean, no-, nothing's happened or anything, but…
KATHLEEN: Oh, Frank. Is she a Republican.
FRANK: I can't help myself. (both laugh) What about you? Is, is there someone else?
KATHLEEN: No. No. But…but there is the dream of someone else.


Deeeeeee said…
Though I love that part, there's another I love a lot more, needles (ebar ya3ni) to say, my favorite too!
I'll blog about it tomorrow! :)
Cesario said…
I think every scene in this movie is a fav,because the conversation is really witty and smooth. Yet, I keep coming to this particular scene and I have no idea why.
looking forward to ur post(mesh me7taga ebar bardo).
Bongo said…
do you post daily or what ?? :D

every time i enter here i wanna read all the posts , and here i find more than 3 or 4 posts !!

give me a break :D :D

kiddin .. keep it up ..

concerning the post ..
i have nothing to say really , but to tell you that i read all the Dialogue ..
i just adore that movieeee :D
Cesario said…
I blog when I feel like it, but since I like to write once I start I can't stop. I'm glad u find it amusing.

Every time I watch this movie I find sth new about it, even though I've watched a gazillion times. It's just so comforting. :)

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