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I am feeling the pain of life and I've escaped to a coffee-haven (of course you pay for your coffee) and as I am on the verge of depression, I will recite things that don't have anything to do with the other and you poor readers have my sympathy.
  • A guy is pacing the cafe back and forth. Every once in a while, he stands in front of the magazine stand and reads sth. Then he goes to his friends, who look like work colleagues rather than life companions. He looks strange, as if he doesn't have enough confidence in life, but who does?
  • I met a doctor who wants to be a psychiatrist, he told me I am too neurotic. I answered that I am an introvert.He found it strange that I effortlessly admitted that, saying that most people would be ashamed. To tell you the truth, I never thought of it as something shameful, this who I am, if you don't like it, BITE ME. Yet, my answer was (neurotically of course)"When I say it, it becomes really tiny and the symptoms go away. I like to treat myself instead of seeking help"
  • I can no longer tolerate human beings(see previous post) and people should write a little bit more in their blogs, because I need to be entertained.
  • Since, I am currently an unemployed lady, I spend my mornings in cafes or the club; I feel like I am a married man who can't tell his wife he's been fired (my family knows that I quit, but the house is just too noisy).
  • I am currently listening to Greek music. I love it although I don't understand a word. I recommend an instrumental song called "Kefi In Katavia".
  • El nas betfaty ; every time I hear a conversation between two people, I can instantly detect all the BS that's being said. Everyone just wants to talk and prove that they're the best, that their voice is the loudest, that they know more, that they can speak for a longer time. Aghhhhhhh!!! (you want to test it, fake that you have a cold and see how people will respond. Each one will give you a recipe that's bound to cure you(they swear on their mothers' souls) and each recipe will make you vomit not only your stomach contents, but also your stomach)
  • I fall for fictional characters that are bound for death, although to be fair, I don't know they're going to die.
  • People like to look busy, they like drinking coffee on the go and then complain about-->"Oh, I didn't even have enough time for breakfast". You know what, WAKE A LITTLE BIT EARLIER.
  • Can you define a lady? I can't.
  • A foreign guy is wearing shebsheb ( local slippers) and he looks hilarious, walking and making the sound tesh tesh.
  • I dropped coffee on my laptop(hehehe)
  • A guy checks himself in the mirror and lingers.Dude, that is so not cool.
  • A pregnant lady passes by,I cringe (thinking of all the pain associated with it.Awch).She looks like she's going to pop, although she does look stylish. She has my sympathies.
  • My sister is going to the club and she tells me to come with her. I am torn between sulking in a cafe or sulking in the club.
  • I love the expression "sulk like a pigeon" although I think it's not fair to the pigeon.
To anyone who reads this, if you can scream, can you please go ahead and scream? because I don't know how, although I really want to.


gjoe said…
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! I gotta tell you i loved this post..
LOOL@ a married man who couldn't tell his wife i am fired..

bass you know what? akeed you are better off from that job you hated. NOONE should be on a job he hates

aah..and i loved that turkey post..although it was not my type, bass i read it all..which means it was really really good..i'll come back to it if i went to turkey in some far future..
Cesario said…
I'm glad you liked it, I kept writing things that come up without any particular target or order.

As for work,Thanks for the encouragement because almost everyone else thinks I'm crazy.

Turkey post-->This is a really nice complement that I will cherish.

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