Obsessional music

OK, so I am not one of those people who can discuss music covers and whether three days grace's let it die is better than foo fighters's, I didn't know that black bird was originally sung by the beatles and I don't really care about acoustics and it took me a while to figure out what acoustic rock actually means. In fact up until recently I've rarely noticed the lyrics of any song.
My musical tendencies are usually decided by the mood I am in and the stage of life I am experiencing. That's why people like my sister, who's loved music and learned the classics of rock when she was 9 or sth, usually look at me with disgust(at one time of my life I kept listening to a strange band called bewitched(rollercoaster, postman, c'est la vie);"chicks who can't play their instruments"-10 things I hate about you).
There are, however, some staples in my musical diet, such as Jazz, latin jazz, blues and classical music such as Vivaldi. I always find pleasure in these kinds of music.

Lately, I started to be a little more attentive to what I hear, I started to listen to the pretenders, the police, the rolling stones and Aerosmith, as well as the kooks, one republic and duffy.
Yet right now, I'm really hung up on Paolo Nutini and his tracks; new shoes,Jenny don't be hasty.I really recommend them to someone who wants to listen to sth light for a change.


Deeeeeee said…
donna said…
Hi, would love to see you on Paolo's fan forum, www.paolonutini.com, he is amazing
Cesario said…
Dee: thanks.
Donna: thanks, but I wouldn't go that far.

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