Sunday, December 12, 2010


Neither Chocolate nor coffee,
Not even lovingly-made toffee,
Or crispy apple pie,
Or even a funny-looking tie,

Neither can a joke,
Nor a well-timed poke,
Or a cup of hot tea,
Or a soft yet crunchy pea,

Not a jolly old song,
Or licorice that's ten meter long,
Not even a tickle,
Or a good cucumber pickle,

Can make me smile,
I even tried walking for a mile,
But still on my face there's a frown,
And reigning my heart is a sad crown,

Sometimes a kitten does the trick,
Especially when it's 50 centimeters thick,
But kittens are hard to come by,
So to this option I have to say Bye Bye.


M@hdeTo said...

Nice one :)

Sina said...

Thanks :D

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