I sometimes climb a tree,
So that I can be free,
Down below they yell and shout,
It is then that I feel the need to pout,

Leave me alone, I pray and pray,
But they refuse to let me stray,
They say I have to come back,
Even though I don't have a track,

I want to see for myself, I reply
I don't want to trick myself and lie,
I want to see all roads ahead,
And then decide using my own head,

"We know best" they say,
 But if you don't, I am the one who'll pay,
"If you don't know by now, you'll never know"
To this I shake my head and shout "No, No, No"

They grow tired and leave,
I cry and I wipe my nose with my sleeve,
I don't know where to go,
But I don't want to be down low,

I wonder if I'll ever figure it out,
Or maybe I should just go around and about,
Aimlessly roaming this realm,
Without ever steering the helm,

Towards some kind of land,
And forever suffering from being bland,
Oh, well, maybe that's it,
Maybe that's as much as the road can be lit.


Anonymous said…
Sina said…
Yours truly.

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