• Winter announced its presence.
  • I saw a group of break-dancers in the street, with flipped hats and all.
  • I discovered Dr. Seuss's "Oh, the places You'll go."
  • I made these muffins... Verdict by others: YUMMY.
  • I sank to the bottom of confusion, but who cares really when there are muffins as good as the ones I made? Life is good with muffins.


Ze2red said…
i want to watch break dancers, where were they?

and i WANT one of those muffins!
Sina said…
In Zamalek.

Hmmm... I wish there was a digital way one could send a muffin.
Ze2red said…
ya salammm... i want real eatable muffins, digital, mmm... not yummy :)

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