A thought on beauty

Today, the professor decided to let us view a modern version of "Twelfth Night", probably made in the beginning of the nineties. It's a decent version and the actress depicting Viola was really convincing as Cesario [yes, my previous nickname], the audio wasn't so good and since I am yet to read the play and due to the great exhaustion that pile up at the end of the week, I couldn't follow the conversation, and so my mind was straying every now and then, only to be brought back by a funny line uttered by one of the actors.

The role of Olivia was performed by Helena Bonham Carter. At the time, she was exactly 30 years old. I've always been fascinated by her as an actress and the way she acts. I think she really gives the best performance she could give and her acting is so effortless. She was saying the lines as if they were slang, not at all the cumbersome language that is Shakespeare. To say I am a fan of hers, would be an understatement.
However, I also think she's beautiful. I know, Helena Bonham Carter and beautiful? She looks real and there's a serenity about her face that makes you really comfortable. In addition, in this movie, she looked really nice and very alluring. I do prefer how she looks to all those young artificial actresses who only serve as sex symbols, like Megan Fox.

That's how I see it, I think Helena is more beautiful than Megan, much more, even now when she's in her 40's.

I've uploaded two pictures one of Helena and one of Megan, just to prove my point, although beauty is subjective, so if you disagree, I totally understand. I am just stating my opinion.


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