Thursday Thoughts: Maybe it's for good- لعله خير

I am often preached to by many people; I am that kind of person, not because I need to be preached to, but because I am often the listener rather than the talker and I am some sort of a freak. You'd think I mind, but I don't, I like to listen to other people's thoughts and ideals; it helps put things into perspective. So, for the majority of the time, I just listen, utter a sentence or two and then if I don't like what was said, I just shrug it off. I don't get angry with people just because they think differently, it wouldn't make sense since I think differently as well.
Very few people whose preaching I take to heart; one of those few is my father. He often talks to me when he finds that I am in a pickle or disturbed, which is often. He would often approach me when I am not paying attention, and just starts talking. Many times, he doesn't even ask me what's wrong, he just knows that something is wrong and all he wants is to fix it, no matter what it is. He doesn't demand to know the reason behind my funk or the situation; he knows that I value my seclusion. However, he always knows what to say even when he doesn't know the core of the situation; to say that he understands me would be an underestimation. My father is the one person who totally gets me; my mother says that it is because we share the same personality. I think she maybe right, with slight differences, mostly negatives on my part.

Once I was in a very bad mood, I don't even remember why, but I remember I was up watching TV at a late hour, looking miserable. My father came into the living room sat on the chair and started to talk. He started telling me an interesting story.

"There was once a king's minister, who would always say "Maybe it's for good" no matter what happens, bad or good. It was a constant saying in his life and everyone who knew him, knew that it was his ideology. At one time, the king went hunting with the minister, the king's finger got cut off in an accident, and the minister's reaction was "Maybe it's for good." The king got mad and couldn't understand why the minister would say that, what good can come from losing his finger? He got so mad, he ordered the minister be put in jail, and it was done. Still the minister said "Maybe it's for good." Some time later, the king was walking in the woods, when some bandits captured him and wanted to sacrifice him for a huge monster in the woods. Before they would leave him for the monster to find, they noticed that his finger was cut, which was unacceptable; the sacrifice had to be perfect, and so they let him go. The king went back to his kingdom and asked for the minister and told him what had happened. The minister said "It was all for good, because the bandits let you go due to your cut finger and if I was with you, they would have taken me instead." "

The moral of the story is that God does work in mysterious ways and a believer would always know that good or bad, whatever comes from God, is eventually Good.

I was reminded by the story by my mother, who heard it a couple of days ago (curiously enough via the TV) and I really believe that this is a good ideology; not letting anything get to you and believing that everything will come together even if things don't make sense at the present moment.

A prayer: God protect My mother and My father and keep them happy, safe and out of harm's way, and for as long as possible.

At the end of the current month and after all the wrong that had happened I say : Maybe it's for good, لعله خير.


Yassminaz said…
yes la3allo 5eeeeeeeeeer ISA :)

Thanks fro reminding me with the story in my down times :)
Sina said…
I am sorry to hear that, hope everything works out at the end isA.

I was reminding myself as well, it's been a tough month :)
Anonymous said…
This is an amazing post ya Sina.
I have to tell you I really needed to remind myself of that and ur post helped me to :)

I think we should usually remind ourselves of this story and always keep our faith in God, we should believe in Him unconditionally and in everything He does.
Unfortunately I have to remind myself of that sometimes as well!

And God bless your mother and father ya Sina .. Parents are really a bless we sometimes don't appreciate enough.
Sina said…
I am glad the post helped ya ZANDY :D

We all forget it from time to time, 3ady. We just need to remind ourselves, as long as we remember, things will becomes better isA.

Thanks for the sweet prayer :D
Hope things pick up soon isA.

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