Your move

So, I can't sleep and I don't know why. The thing is I am pretty certain that I have reached a decision, I am pretty certain that I have ended the doubt and in fact I am basking in knowing that it's done.
Right now, my heart is quickened and I have no clue why, it maybe the antibiotics I am or it maybe the realization of freedom; you see I have made up my mind to live each day as it comes and to worry about nothing in the future that I can't change. This realization has been my comfort during the past few days and there's this easy feeling that it induced.

I can't sleep and I can't slow down my heart (no, it's not a heart attack); it feels as if I am exercising, but in fact all I am doing is typing away on my laptop and prior to that I was watching a movie, so nothing strenuous.

I have made my decision and I am at peace with it, now it's the universe's move, so be still my heart, life isn't over just yet.


BaTaBeeT said…
Life is over when you want it to be over... stick to your decision once you believe its right...

Good Luck... just dont rush into a decision out of anger or impatience...

Its my first visit here and I really like your blog
Ibraheem said…
nice space you have around here :)

The universe gives you exactly what you want btw, if you want to live day by day at peace, it'll give you that, if you decide to worry about the future, it won't shower you but with worrying things.

It's like a law ..

ps. this ibhog, I couldn't but use my gmail account, howa mesh blogger can allow comments using OpenID?
Cesario said…
Batabeet: thanks for stopping by, I am glad you liked it.
Thanks for the encouraging words.

Ibraheem: Thanks :D
I activated the openID feature.

I guess you're right, it all depends on your state of mind.

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