Taking on the tide

Being nice is overrated, don't you think? I mean you go through life doing all those things you believe to be the right things to do, you convince yourself that you are on fact on the right track, that you're living the way you ought to, when on fact you're just torturing yourself for things you will never get. You know what, the only good things people should do is praying and anything there religon tells them to do, other than that; things like being thoughtful and nice are just overrated and unneeded.

Nobody is nice and nobody cares about you; people go through life pretending to care when all they want is their own benefit and peace of mind and to tell you the truth nobody is worth it. You shouldn't feel guilty or sorry for being who you are and doing what you want. People will insist you live in a certain way even though they are miserable living that same way, but you know the saying "misery loves company."

5 minutes after writing this post something happened that made me realize that maybe, just maybe, I am on the right track. Who knows? Maybe things will look up a bit. I hope.

Nonetheless, My ship is really going to sail, i am no longer going to wait in the harbor for the waves to break, I an going to take on these waves and by God I am going to be victorious. Life shouldn't be lived any other way.


ibhog said…
It so is overrated!

The problem is that we understand 'being nice' the wrong way totally, here in our culture being nice is the exact same as being careless, stupid, naive .. etc.

And when we are actually nice, people (not all people), will start patronizing ba2a we ye2refona.

Living your own way, after I thought about it a little, is actually the only way to live!

I mean, if you won't live your own way, then why live aslan, better go and reincarnate yourself in someone else, stick yourself to them like glue, delete your identity .. and ha! live miserable your whole life!

I dunno, but these days, to find someone who really cares about you, is a tough call .. it's a hardship really, but at least I believe I'll follow through it, I have no other option but to believe so.

Cesario, did you read 'The Secret'? I think you'll love that book.

Grab a copy and tell me what ye think.
marooned84 said…
Sometimes you meet people who really care, who can make real changes to your track that would make you thankful for the rest of your life. The problem is they're so rare that when they actually come we usually brush them away because of our prejudgments. Try to see through people and use your intuition. I have been trying all my life. That's what I would be dragging anybody into, if I had the chance.
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