An extra jacket

  • Ever wonder why in movies girls insist on wearing skimpy outfits in outdoorsy places, just so they can take the guy's jacket. I just had this thought watching an old OC episode while trying to work. I mean how hard is it to carry an extra jacket with you?? and seeing that you're size -1, an extra jacket would be really tiny, so tiny that you can stick it in this ridiculous mini-bag you're carrying around.

  • Life on TV is very interesting and so lively,it's so interesting that you might actually want to live it.I think children should be banned from watching TV and reading fairy tales, just so that we can prevent them from having an unrealistic image of life. I wonder if children were only raised on historical facts, biographies and geography, would that hurt their innocence? Would they be incapable of naive happiness just that they know the truth? Would they be hurt by the facts of our life?

  • I admit it, I like star wars. Does that mean I am a nerd? I mean if you think about it, it's the perfect movie; you'vbe got your action, your creatures, your interesting characters (master Yoda does have some groovey moves) , your romance and your drama. That's in addition to some satirical remarks every now and then, that could be described as comic.

  • The sun makes me sleepy, I guess that's why I am really lazy in the summer. I am the sort of person who sleeps at the beach. I can't eat while I am at beach though, all those people in their swimsuits, yuck. Not the most appetizing scene.

  • I put some ice trays in the freezer and now I drink everything with ice. NICE...


marooned84 said…
About the banning of children from TV and fairy tales, they'll grow up very realistic like they used to 100 years ago and before. There will be wars in which people kill each other by the thousands in a day or two, and the city life won't be as safe as it is. The rule would be that the strong may eat the weak, and there will be no fair play about it. Reality is not that charming when it comes to human nature.
Cesario said…
at least you will cut the bullshit :D

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