What are we doing?

In life, you find those who stand out, others who blend in, some disappear and then reappear and others are simply forgotten, only to be remembered in a fleeting second among the mentioning of their deaths.

Also in life, their are paths that have been so greatly trodden that they're no longer paths, but rather ditches in the road that tend to suck their travelers in a whirlpool of denial. Other paths are avoided only because they offer more dangerous destinations and hence their travelers are few and far in between. And then there are those paths that are yet to be discovered and whose travelers are far from abundant and these kinds of paths can offer your salvation or your damnation.

In people, there are those who want to do in life exactly as those before them, and there are others who want to do exactly the opposite. Then there are those who want to do nothing, and others who need to do everything.


It amazes me how each person tries to transcend the lives of others; as they recite how those actions are the wrong ones, how they would never be in such a situation. People convince themselves that their lives are different even as all of us do the same things over and over again until we die. I think our lives is like a box of chocolates, they might be differently wrapped, but in the end they're all pieces of chocolates made from the same Cocoa paste and induce a fleeting amusement as they're hurriedly swallowed into oblivion.

It also amazes me how every different success story have become an exception, how parents diligently instruct their children to look right under them, instead of looking forward and to be content with what they have and seek nothing else, because and I quote "That's life". Oh, yes, life has become a journey of utter self-loathing and a repetition of a mundane act; Enjoy it while it lasts.

They say that a bird in the hand is better than 10 on a tree; my dilemma is that we no longer look at the tree. We have posters of the tree, we feature it in novels and films, but we don't look at it. I don't think we even know what is in or on that tree, we no longer know if it's green or yellow or have flowers or fruits. We don't know because we constantly look at the dying bird in our hands, as we try desperately to bring him back to life.


M@hdeTo said…
Love the tree/ birds metaphor.. really nice post.

A quote that I love to repeat (by 7ad mesh faker meen) is "People should let go of what they are to become what they can be".
Cesario said…
Thanks for stopping by.

I think this quote is really truthful, but it's kind of hard letting go, isn't it? I think it's one of the hardest things humans have to do.
M@hdeTo said…
Yes and no! To take such a decision you have to completely silence your emotions, guts or whatever it is that affects your decision making capabilities other than raw cruel logic! which in essence is really difficult to do. I think thats one powerful drive to our industry.. feed it to the computer.. it has no feeling, no biases of any kind (unless its running an Egyptian gov. program with a kosa factor mode --they exist--) point is.. its easy for people to say "computer says...".
Cesario said…
I totally agree with you about cruel cold hard facts, but I would be lying if I say that I have never ignored logic for the sake of gut feeling. I think I do it too often and maybe that's the real risk.

Computers echo what you program them to do, so at the end, I believe that a computer is a reflection of humans, otherwise there wouldn't be so many bugs.
M@hdeTo said…
Indeed, most people don't know this fact though ;) keep the secret!
marooned84 said…
btw, the bird and tree thing is an Egyptian principle especially in business. From my experience what's prevalent in real societies is the exact opposite. That's why they have business trust and we don't, they have clear rules about business dealings and we don't, and getting an extra penny even if it meant losing the client is not the golden rule.

I agree with what you said, but maybe it's different in other worlds, in other societies. That's my hope, what's making wanna still go on my way.

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