The value of an opinion

I was wondering, if somebody of totally different background than yourself; religiously, culturally and socially gave his/her opinion about your work, would you care?
Meaning, if you don't like how this person behaves, or how he/she thinks, would you take in account their thrill or disappointment with your work?

Sometimes, I don't want to hear certain people talking, not because they don't think right, but because i don't appreciate their way of thinking, but then i always have the rule of separating between a person's work and their personal agenda. A lot of the world's greatest minds were scoundrels socially and on behavioral levels.
For instance, Sidata Gotama or the person who established the new thinking of Buddhism, abandoned his wife and son to become an enlightened one, at a late age. This is irresponsible, right? But, if he didn't do that, if he acted as a responsible father and husband, the world would have missed alot.
leonardo Da vinci made a lot of autopsies that were illegal, and believed in experiencing everything first hand, putting no boundaries for himself. This, by now standards are human rights' violations and reckless. He also used to dress up in the most expensive of things.

So, if Sidata gotama told you that you've got the mind control needed in a Buddhist monk, or Leonardo Da Vinci told you that your art is magnificent, would you shrug it off?
I don't think so.

A Sparked question emerges from this post, how radical should a person become to be great and are only eccentric people, who suffered some kind of childhood trauma, destined to affect history?


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