Disappoint and forget.

People!!! I can write a whole book about the stupidity of human relationships.
In our relationships, we tend to lie, deceit and betray. We never stop to say What about honesty? and i don't mean telling the truth, but rather having the integrity to enforce what you preach.
Just say I don't think I can help you or I don't care about it or even I can't stand you. Wouldn't it be better if everyone cut to the chase, instead of pretending to care.

I don't mind that each one of us cares about his/her issues more than others', but just have the ability to decline being nice, then we could both stop pretending as if we care, as if we're friends and each one of us can go on with life, knowing that the other hates his/her guts.

JUST BE HONEST, HAVE SOME INTEGRITY FOR GOD'S SAKE, Arabs or Egyptians were known for that in the past, they didn't need contracts or shaking hand or whatever, they only needed to have a word, just one tiny word, a word to hold a thousand meanings.

A close person i know always says "People never surprise me anymore", but for me they never seem to stop disappointing.
So all i say disappoint all you want, because i have thrown my towel,I've ceased to believe in the good of humanity .


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