Just a scenario

A sunny day on campus of a decaying college in Egypt, as many public colleges are.
The camera zooms in on a guy staring at the ground, aimlessly, smoking a cigerette and scratching all at once.
The guy is approched by a girl.
girl: "hey"
girl: "so, did you check out the match yesterday?"
guy: "Yeah, it was awsome.Anyhow, I wanted to tell you something."
girl is yawning, expecting something regularly boring, for instance how the professor said the most stupid remark and all the people laughed, just to kiss up to him.
guy :"I think i kinda love you."he stops breathing, waiting for her to stomp on his heart.
Then a snort is heard and laughter coming from the girl's direction, a hysterical laughter, then she collapses on the ground laughing so hard she can't breathe.
guy just stares, then
Guy:"Oh you ruin every thing. This is not how it's supposed to be. "
She gets up and tries to stop laughing, apparently she fails.
Girl: "hehe hahaha, sorry, hahahahahaha, I laugh when i am nervous, but this is just drop down hilariously funny, hohoh, hahahaaha.I mean first i love you and then this is not supposed to happen. It's like I'm a bad version of Magda and You're the worst version of Abd-El-Halim, in a very tacky and by the way cheesy version of that movie that was so famous all because he kissed her or sth, about the tree, what was it called? I can't... " she rambles on.
Guy:"Oh man, I knew i shouldn't have told you."
Girl:trying hardly to stop laughing,"All kidding aside, I'm glad you told me, so that you could just move on. Let me tell you why, first: I'm NOT your type, think about it, I'm no body's type really. Second: You're my best friend, why would you want to ruin this? huh?"
Guy:"Thanks for bursting my bubble." he seems disappointed, but he's alright.
Girl: "Any time dude, but please before you decide to do that again, let me bring my video camera, cause this is a moment to remember,"she laughs, he glares at her.
Then they head towards a crummy building.


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