Ever get an unknown notion that you've lost everything when you've lost nothing, to misunderstand words when no one is talking, to want to talk, but find no voice and no way to express. To find communication useless, not because they can't listen, but you can't talk. Have you felt the weight of the world as if you were atlas and were sentenced to carry the world with all its trouble.Did you ever long for something that you don't even know and don't exist?Have you ever wanted to cry, but found no tears to accomodate your need? Have you ever felt lonely when hundreds of people surround?
Have you ever cried and laughed at the same time, only to find that it is the only thing that makes you comfortable? have you ever had insomnia cause you 're afraid of what lies ahead? Have you ever sat in the dark and stared in oblivion, until somebody opened the door; bringing light in and you thought it was the angel of mercy?
have you seen a movie that has nothing sad in it, but you found yourself gushing like a baby?Have you ever felt betrayed, and you were the one betraying yourself? Have you ever lied to yourself so that you could have a better day?Do u always convince yourself that tomorrow will be better only to find worse? Have you ever wondered what life is all about, what it wants from you and where will you end?Have you ever tried to stop time in your head just to feel a moment of peace? Have you ever felt so tired you can't sleep, eat or talk?Did people ever find you strange and awkward even though you're as plain as vanilla?have you ever been into a fight to find out that you didn't need to? Have you ever run away from the place you hated most to find all this hate chasing you? Have you ever wished you could give it all up and run away where no one cares?Have you ever been jealous of people because they didn't know?Have you ever hidden a book so that you would be ignorant of its contents?Have you ever find yourslef laughing in a sad situation and everybody thought you were crazy? Have you ever held yourself from collapsing just because everybody else was, and then collapsed alone when there was no body to pick up the pieces? Have people always viewed you one way when you were another?Have you ever felt guilty for feeling sad when you had nothing to be sad about?Have you ever been afraid to live?

Have you ever stopped listening to yourself because you were your harshest critics, have you ever lost meaning to life and started to wonder why you're still living? Are you always driven? Do you find life easy?Do you understand what you're saying? Do you love this life? Do you care about what happens?

Do you...Have you...Will you?
Wish it was over.


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