A conventional person...

Today, I met a conventional person, someone who has certain objectives and goals, usually defined by conventional thinking or the community surrounding him/her.

This person, finished college, got a job and got married and all he wants is to supply for his family all the comforts of life. Whatever other thinking or goals projected by others, in his opinion, are just a waste of time. This person is just a perfect gentleman, with his perfect job, perfect clothes[shirt buttoned till top] and perfect marriage. Life is just a 4x4 box ; for him everything is defined and beyond his perception nothing exists.
Is this the way to live?

I don't know, but I don't like traditional thinking beyond what's wrong and what's right because it's just very limiting. Life isn't about lines and 90 degrees angles,but it's about circles, ellipses and infinite spirals. It's unbound and infinite, just like our minds. So, if God made us infinite creatures, spiritually not physically, how can we deny ourselves the ability to morph into millions of things and just be satisfied with a rigid existence?

If we review history, we'll find the encyclopedia scientists of the Arabs, who specified in a lot of subjects ranging from astrology to medicine to sociology. Now, these were the people who wrote the basis of these sciences which we study and they were capable of doing that by stretching their limits and pushing the envelope.


Michael Herbas said…
I very much agree with your statement. thanks.

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